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The EZ-Counters tool is provided to help web site owners keep track of the traffic coming to their web site. This feature will count the number of times each page on a web site is visited and add it to the total number of visits, known as "hits," belonging to that page. Included in these hits are every single visit you, the designer have made to your web pages, including using view web page from the Administrative menu, or using the preview current and preview saved features available in the Ez-PageBuilder™ tool. From the View Counters feature you may also add or delete counters belonging to your web site. The system will automatically create a counter for every page that is built using EZ-PageBuilder™ or created in the EZ-Catalog tool, so you won’t need to create counters for those pages; this also includes the index page when an account is created for the first time.

Viewing the hits belonging to a page: The Counters are arranged in alphabetical order beneath the "Page" column. Note: Counters beginning with capital letters will be grouped together in alphabetical order first, followed by lowercase letters grouped together in alphabetical order.

Dir: The "Dir" column displays the directory path showing where the page is located in your files.

Each Counter displays the number of hits received for each month of the current year, beginning January to December. If you wish to view the hits per day for a given month click on the number of hits belonging to the page and the month you desire to view. You may choose to view previous years using the buttons to the left and right of the counters. The left button will show you the previous year, and the right button will show you the year after the current year you are looking at.

Hits per day: The hit per day page allows you to cycle through each month using a previous and a next button which displays the previous or next month directly below the arrow. You can reach previous years by hitting the previous button while viewing the hits per day for the month of January. For example, if the year is 2001 and you wish to view the hits for the year 2000, first click on the number of hits belonging to your desired page in the month of January. Once the hits per day page appears click on the previous arrow, which displays December 2000 below it.

Total Hits: Below the calendar is displayed the total number of hits for the currently selected month and the projected or expected number of hits for the month.

Return to Counters: To return to the counters main menu click on the "Return to Counters" button.

Deleting Counters: To delete a counter click on the blue delete link on the right of each counter. All hits will be erased for that counter and are not recoverable.
Adding a Counter: To add a counter to a page you have uploaded, or for a page whose counter was previously deleted, hit the "Add Counter" button. Either type in the filename or click on the ez-browse button to browse for the file you would like to add a counter to. After selecting the desired file click on the submit button. Hitting back will return to the counters main menu without making any changes.

If the counter was added successfully some HTML code will be displayed that you should use if you are adding a counter to a page you have uploaded. If you are restoring a counter belonging to a page originally created in EZ-Pagebuilder or by the EZ-Catalog you are done and may continue adding counters or return to the View Counters main menu.

If the counter already exists an error message will be received and you will be given the option to add another or return to the main menu.

Placing the HTML code onto your uploaded page: Copy the code displayed on the screen and paste it near the bottom of the html page you previously uploaded. This must be done on a copy of the uploaded page on your personal computer. You will not be able to add the code on the actual page you have uploaded because it cannot be opened by the EZ-PageBuilder™. Upload the page once again using the EZ-FileManager and the counter has been successfully added.

Returning to the Member Tools Menu: To return to the member tools menu click on the "Return to Main Menu" button found in the View Counter’s Main Menu.

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