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Security and Privacy
Policy and Practices

Security Policies and Practices

  • All on-line shopping cart and check out pages are processed using the industry standard SSL encryption technology.

  • When a merchant views and downloads order information, SSL encryption is used.

  • Sensitive information such as credit card numbers, merchant login ID, and merchant transaction keys are encrypted using an algorithm equivalent to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and is significantly stronger than DES or triple DES encryption.

  • Credit card information is automatically erased from the order database 30 days after the order is completed. Therefore, in the unlikely event that the order information were compromised, the potential loss would be limited to credit card information collected in the last 30 days.

  • All sensitive data is stored on a different server than the web server.

  • All servers are protected by a fire wall.

  • The database containing the order information is mirrored on a separate server. Copies of the database are transferred daily to a separate computer and another location.

Privacy Policies and Practices

  • It is the policy and practice of ICServ, the developer and owner of EZ-NetTools, not to divulge nor to share personal information gathered by the EZ-NetTools on-line order process except as is necessary to complete the order as described below.

  • At the conclusion of an order, EZ-NetTools may transmit the shopper’s name, address, and credit card information to an on-line processing gateway which validates the information and credits the merchant’s account with the amount of the order. We only provide the information required to authorize the payment of the order.

  • During the check out process or as part of the order fulfillment, EZ-NetTools may transmit the shopper’s name and address to a shipping service such as UPS as part of the shipping step. We only provide the information required to complete the transaction.

  • The EZ-Nettools shopping cart uses "cookies" placed on the shoppers computer to control the cart as items are selected and eventually ordered. The "cookie" also allows the shopper to return later to the web site and continue shopping where they left off. Only the member account number and order identification are maintained. No personal information is gathered or transmitted.

  • If EZ-NetTools were required by a court order or by law to provide personal information, we would provide the minimum information requested. If we suspect fraudulent transactions we may provide personal information to help in the investigation.


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