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Configure Error Display


You can configure the look and feel of error messages.  Examples of error messages would be when a product is deactivated after a shopper has put it in a shopping cart.  When the cart is updated, the shopper will see an error message at the top of the page.  Since errors do not occur very often the default values will probably work well.  However, if you have an unusual color scheme, the default colors may not be satisfactory.

When an error message is displayed, it will appear with as a box with a border and background color.  The text of the error message will appear inside the box.  Sometimes, the error message will contain a link to another page.  Hence the option to specify the link appearance colors.

The image below is an example of an error message. Refer to the pink box with red border and black text.  Note: background and text color of the item of the shopping cart in error are in defined in the shoppping cart configuration.

Buttons at the Top and Bottom of the Options Section

Use Defaults

If at anytime, while editing the settings on the category display, you want to go back to the basic settings that came with EZ-Catalog and forget about the changes you made, you can do so by clicking on the "Use Defaults" button located in the upper-left of the page. This button will reload all of the default settings that come with ALL of the different layouts. Please note that if you have been working with different layouts, and have made changes, that all of these changes will be changed to the defaults, even though the other layout settings are not visible. This button is located in the top-left and bottom-left of each section under EZCatalog Appearance. If you want to go back to your previous settins, use the "reset" button.

Previous and Next

If you want to go back to any of the sections under EZCatalog Appearance that are previous to the Category Display section you can use the "Prev" button, or if you want to just go ahead and skip over the Category Display section then use the "Next" button. Both of these buttons are located at the top-center and bottom-center of each section under EZCatalog Appearance.


If you want to undo all of the changes you have made since you last saved your work, click the reset button. This is different from the "Use Defaults" button because the "Reset" returns the values to what you had saved previously whereas the "Use Defaults" takes the values back to those that came with the selected layout. This button is located in the top-right and bottom-right of each section under the EZCatalog Appearance.

Error Page Options


Background: Specify the background color of the error message box

Border: Specify the color of the border of the error box.

Text: Indicate color of the text in the error box.

Check if you want to use the colors specified in the Global settins.

Text Appearance.

Font: Specify the font of the error text.

Size: Specify the font of the error text

Style: Specify the style of the error text: bold, italics, underlined, right justified, centered, or right justified.

Link Appearance.

If a link appears as part of the error message, you can specify the associated colors.

Normal: Specify the color that a link should appear when the page is first visited and the associated link has never been visited.

Visited: Specify the color of a link that has been visited.

Active: Specify the color of a link that is currently being visited.

Mouseover: Specify the color the link should change to if the use moves the mouse cursor over the link.


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