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Configure Product Display Pages


The Product Display configuration contain optional settings. Your catalog will function perfectly without it, as category pages define these settings by default. The settings in Product Display will override the settings in Category Display. This section allows you to configure the way your products will look when displayed on your category pages. Here, you can choose which information about each product to display on the page.

Buttons at the Top and Bottom of the Options Section

Use Defaults

If at anytime, while editing the settings on the category display, you want to go back to the basic settings that came with EZ-Catalog and forget about the changes you made, you can do so by clicking on the "Use Defaults" button located in the upper-left of the page. This button will reload all of the default settings that come with ALL of the different layouts. Please note that if you have been working with different layouts, and have made changes, that all of these changes will be changed to the defaults, even though the other layout settings are not visible. This button is located in the top-left and bottom-left of each section under EZCatalog Appearance. If you want to go back to your previous settins, use the "reset" button.

Previous and Next

If you want to go back to any of the sections under EZCatalog Appearance that are previous to the Category Display section you can use the "Prev" button, or if you want to just go ahead and skip over the Category Display section then use the "Next" button. Both of these buttons are located at the top-center and bottom-center of each section under EZCatalog Appearance.


If you want to undo all of the changes you have made since you last saved your work, click the reset button. This is different from the "Use Defaults" button because the "Reset" returns the values to what you had saved previously whereas the "Use Defaults" takes the values back to those that came with the selected layout. This button is located in the top-right and bottom-right of each section under the EZCatalog Appearance.

Configurable options for Product Display

Items to Display

Use same settings as Category Display. If this option is selected, there is no need to configure the rest of the options in this section. This lets you choose to use the settings under Category Display for your Product Display also.

Use Shopping Cart: This will let you toggle whether or not to display the option for the visitor to add the item to their shopping cartand the the product options.

Show Search Keys: If you are using search keys, you can have the search keys values you have defined for products to appear underneath the other product information.


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