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Maintain Categories

To help organize your products, the catalog enables you to create categories that separate and classify your products. In the Maintain Categories menu, you'll be able to help you manage your categories, add, delete, and even edit the look of individual categories.

Sub Categories: Any category that has a preceding main(parent) category is considered a sub(child) category. A category can either have sub categories or products. If a category has sub categories then it cannot have products.

Maintain Category Buttons

Add Category: This option will allow you to add new categories and insert html pages as a header and footer. See Add / Edit Category

Add Product: Click this button to add products directly to a specific category. See Add / Edit Product

Delete: This will delete the category. When deleting categories, you are given the option of deleting its related products or leaving them in the catalog. Any products that do not belong to any category will be saved in Unassigned Products.
If you want to delete everything in the category including the products within that category, check the option box to delete the products. If not, click delete without checking the box.

Return: The return button sends you back to your originating page.

Category List Options

Edit: You can click edit on the category if you want to change your category description, header, footer, order button, or back button as they are to appear to the shopper.

Preview: The preview option lets you view the system-generated catalog with your set changes, products, and options. This the page that your customers will see.

Products: This is a link to the list of products that are associated to that category.

To view products in other categories after clicking on products, select another category through the Category Filter

Additional Navigation

Top Navigation

All Products: You can easily view all of your products by clicking on "All Products." This is a link to your master list of products. See All Products Filter

Unassigned Products: You can view all products that you haven't assigned to a specific category by clicking on "Unassigned Products." This also will show you the products that you have decided to leave in the catalog after deleting their associated category. See Unassigned Products Filter

Bottom Navigation

Select All: This will select all categories and enable you to delete them all at once.

Expand All Categories: You can view all categories and subcategories.


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