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Look and Feel

Access Look and Feel
The "Look and Feel" configuration of EZ-Checkout can be accessed by clicking the "Look and Feel" link on the EZ-Checkout configuration menu.

Small Logo Graphic
On the "Look and Feel" configuration page, complete the "Small Logo Graphic" field with the name of your own EZ-Checkout logo using EZ-Browse. If you haven't uploaded your graphic, you may do so with either EZ-File Manager or through the EZ-Browse interface. In order to make EZ-Checkout pages consistent, we require that the EZ-Checkout logo you use be 140 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. If you do not use a graphic with these dimensions, the page will distort your graphic by stretching or shrinking it.

Global Header
Choose whether or not to display your global header that you configured in "Global Information" by answering yes to the "Use Global Header" option.