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Each EZ-Checkout page can have links at the bottom directing customers to the shipping, privacy, and return policies etc. When a customer clicks on one of these links, a pop-up window appears with more information. The Navigation configuration menu in EZ-Checkout defines whether or not these links appear, and to which page the customer will be redirected when they click one.

Access Navigation
Access the Navigation menu by clicking "Navigation" under the EZ-Checkout configuration. Complete each of the URL fields, either by typing the complete URL (preceeded by http://) or clicking EZ-Browse.

Navigation Options

  • Return From Order URL - This navigation button differs from the rest because instead of appearing as a link at the bottom of the EZ-Checkout pages it appears as a button after the final step of EZ-Checkout inviting the customer to "Return to Site."
  • Shipping Policy URL - This is the page that describes your shipping policies. You can specify how your cost is calculated, what locations you will and will not ship to, for what reasons you may adjust the shipping cost, etc.
  • Security Policy URL - This is the page that describes your security policies. You can explain how your checkout process uses SSL technology, how you handle sensitive information such as credit cards numbers, etc.
  • Privacy Policy URL - This is the page that describes your privacy policies. This is where you explain what you will do (or not do) with the shoppers' personal information, how you will use (or not use) their order history information, etc.
  • Return Policy URL - This is the page that describes your return policies. Here you will specify the circumstances under which you will allow returns. This could include whether or not the package was opened, the time elapsed since the original sale, the type of product sold, etc.
  • Contact Information URL - This is the page that contains all of your contact information. Usually, this is where you will specify how the shopper is to get in contact with you for questions regarding their order.