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Required Address Information

Access Required Address Information
From the EZ-Checkout menu click "Required Address Information."

The first step after submitting an order from the EZ-Order form is the EZ-Checkout address information page. Here a visitor enters his billing and shipping address information. As the manager of your EZ-Checkout configuration, you can specify what address information will be required from your customer
Certain information is always required from a visiting shopper:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address - The address field may contain multiple lines.
  • City
  • State / Province - EZ-Checkout will verify and require by name or abbreviation that the state or province be correct within Canada, The United States, and Mexico. All other countries don't support such validation.
  • Postal Code
  • Country - The Country field is a drop-down menu if you permit various countries. See more information about countries below.
The EZ-Checkout Required Address Configuration menu allows you to specify other fields that will be required from the customer:
  • Organization - Organization is always required if selected on the Required Address Configuration menu. If this field is not checked it will not display on the Address Information page. You may customize the Organization field to display any title you wish. To gather company name, select the box to the side of Organization and type "Company Name" in the text field.
  • Phone Number - Phone number is not always required. You may choose to have EZ-Checkout make the customer complete this field.
  • Email Address - EZ-Checkout will always require that the customer enter a valid email address if they enter anything at all. If you specify Email Address as required, EZ-Checkout will require that the customer complete this field.
This menu also allows you to specify the default country. This selected country will display by default in the "Select Country" dropdown box when someone is directed to your EZ-Checkout process. More Info