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The EZ-Shipping configuration menu with EZ-NetTools enables you to set shipping and handling rules for your online orders. Shipping rules range from very easy for novices, to the widely customized methods which we reccommend only for advanced users.

Note: Each new shipping configuration disables all others and deletes previous values. If you make any major changes to your shipping configuration please be sure to use the Backup Files utility. Shipping configurations are saved in the file "shipping.sys.xml".

Access EZ-Shipping

The EZ-Shipping configuration tool is available by clicking "EZ-Shipping" from the Construction tab of your member tools. This menu contains two submenus, "Shipping Configuration" and "Ship-To" countries. Access each of these submenus by clicking on the corresponding link.
Shipping Configuration

The following options are available in the Shipping Configuration screen:
Limits on Shipping Charges - These options will let you set a minumum and maximum shipping limit as well as an order subtotal threshold which will give customers a "Free Shipping" option.
Handling Configuration - These options let you determine how much you will charge per-box for handling. It also provides a place for you to select the maximum weight for each box. The system will calculate how many boxes you need by weight and charge handling accordingly.
Calculation Methods - These are the rules that determine how the shipping price will be calculated: 
  • No Charge: Other than the minimum shipping limit and handling charges (configured above), nothing will be charged for shipping.
  • Basic: Basic shipping rules include shipping by item, by weight, by percent of order etc.
  • Advanced: The advanced configuration allows you to configure several sliding-scale methods by weight, subtotal, or quantity threshold.
  • UPS Calculator: Uses the rates established by UPS. Note that a weight must be added for each item in order to use this calculation method.
Ship-To Countries

This configuration menu allows you to add countries to the list of locations where you will ship. This menu also determines the available regions to which you can apply Sales Tax.