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Payment Options


The "Payment Options" menu in the Member Tools for E-Commerce member accounts and in Reseller Tools for standard reseller accounts provides a way to configure the types of transactions that will occur with your account. Using these tools a member or reseller may choose several different methods of accepting payments including real-time transactions.

Access Payment Options

Depending on your type of account, there are two different methods to access the "Payment Options" configuration menu.

Through Member Tools: Access the Payment Options menu through your Member Tools from the Construction tab by clicking on "Payment Options."

Through Reseller Tools: The same interface may be accessed with the "Merchant Account" link located in the Reseller Tools "Accounts Receivable" menu. From the Reseller Tools click on the Accounting tab. From the Accounting menu click on the link labeled "Accounts Receivable." The Accounts Receivable menu contains a link to "Merchant Account."

Available Transaction Methods

The Payment Options menu contains a list of checkboxes to select various types of transaction methods. Some of these transaction methods may or may not be available to certain features or certain accounts. There are several examples of where transaction options are not used: EZ-Form Builder, which does not use personal check as a form of payment; Member Tools, which cannot use the ACH option, and Automatic Billing which does not use methods such as purchase orders. There are many variations to which tools use certain payment methods, but all payment methods can be configured through the "Select Payment Options" menu:

  • ACH - ACH is not a form of real-time transaction. Those who have ACH activated must record and process ACH transactions manually. To use the ACH feature you must have that feature activated through your Reseller merchant account. Innuity Paperless Checks (IPC) provides your customers with the convenience of making online purchases by debiting their personal checking accounts. The system makes available to customers a form for the merchant accounts which have this feature activated. The customer completes this form with the bank and account information found at the bottom of his or her personal check. The information is processed as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the customer's account via the ACH.
  • Credit Card - To use the credit card feature you must have it configured through the "Select Payment Options" menu. You must also have a merchant account to process online transactions. You may set up a merchant account with your local bank, but, your merchant account must use Authorize.Net or Quick Commerce as the Gateway.

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    eCom Merchant Solutions

    To configure your real-time transaction click on configure next to credit cards. In the next screen just enter in your user id for Authorize Net and password. For additional security authorize net has added Another field called a "Transaction Key". For additional information on how to set up the transaction key. click here The transaction key is similar to a password and is used by the payment gateway to authenticate transactions. The transaction key can be obtained at the Authorize Net Homepage. click here to obtain a Transaction Key. Our EZ-Order/E-Commerce system will verify your username and password during the configuration process.

    If you do not have a merchant account that uses Authorize Net as the gateway , you will need to process your orders manually. For Quick Commerce you need your ECXid number. When configured correctly, your credit card transactions are activated and ready to process credit cards online in real-time.
    Be sure to select from the menu the types of credit cards you will accept. These credit card options will appear during the "Payment" step of the EZ-Checkout process in a drop-down list, and can be displayed using a PageBuilder "Credit Cards" block.

  • Personal Check - Use this option to allow your customers to send a personal check as a form of payment. Ship online orders after payment is received.
  • Money Order - Use this option to allow your customers to send a money order as a form of payment. Ship online orders after payment is received.
  • Purchase Order - Use this option to allow your customers to use a company purchase order as a form of payment.
  • PayPal - To use the new Paypal feature you must have a PayPal account already created. Permit transactions to be processed through your PayPal account by clicking the "Configure" link next to the "Paypal" option. In the PayPal configuration menu type in your email address you used to register with Paypal. Select a logo by checking the radio button to the side of each logo graphic. If you do not have a Paypal account click on the Paypal referral button below to go to Paypal and open a new account.
Click here to open a Paypal account


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