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Edit Global Information
Edit Global Information provides you with the opportunity to make global settings for the pages on your web site. For example, you may want the same header on every page. Or you may want to have all your links be a certain color. The Edit Global Information option allows you to do this and more.

To access Edit Global Information, select 'Edit Global Information' in your Construction Tools. You should see the following information:

Background: This section of the global information will appear in the background of all your pages built in EZ-PageBuilder™. You are given two options to use for your background:

Color: This option allows you to choose the color that you want to appear as the background for your pages. You can choose your color by using the colors we provide, or by entering your HTML color code. To choose one of our colors, click the 'EZ-Color Picker' button. A window will open displaying different colors. Select a color by clicking on the color that you wish to have for your background. You can view the name of the color by selecting 'Name Colors' from the drop-down menu.

Image: This option allows you to choose an image for your background. You can select an image by clicking on the 'EZ-Browse' button to the right of the Image cell. Find the graphic that you want to use for your background and click 'Open'.* If the background image is smaller than the screen size it will be tiled as wallpaper. This will work with long or tall images as well, they will be tiled vertically or horizontally across the page. The recommended file size of your background should be 1 to 5Kbytes.

*For files too large to upload using the EZ-Browse use the EZ-File Manager (New)

Header: This section of the global information allows you to edit the header of your pages. You can choose whether the header will be a graphic, simple text. You header will appear on all pages built in page builder and on your system pages (such as your Order Form and Bulletin Board).

Header Graphic: This option allows you to use a graphic for your header. This header will be applied at the top of every page built in EZ-PageBuilder™. To use a graphic for your header, select the 'Header Graphic' radio button and then click on the 'EZ-Browse' button to the right. Select the graphic from your files within your account or use the EZ-Browse to upload a file from your computer.* Once you select the file, click 'Open'.

Alt Text: This field allows you to have text pop-up when the cursor hovers over your header graphic. Simply type in the text you would like to display.

Header Text: If you prefer to have text for your header rather than a graphic, select the 'Header Text' radio button. Type your text in the cell provided. The text entered here will appear as your header on all of your web pages. Advanced Users: The Header Text cell is an unlimited field. You can enter HTML, Image Maps, Java Scripting, and other advanced features. However, the upgrade made in May 2006, makes it easier to accomplish this by using the Header HTML option.  See below.

Font Color: You can change the color of your text by entering your color here. To select one of our Web Safe colors, click the 'EZ-Color Picker' button and select the color you want for your text from the EZ-Color Picker Palette.

Size: Allows you to select the size of your header text. Size ranges from 1 to 7. Normal text size is set to 3.

Bold: Select 'On' if you want your Header Text to be bolded.

Header HTML: Enter the HTML codes that defines your Global Header.  You also have the options of importing the HTML code from another page, even another page created using EZ-PageBuilder.  This is a very good way to create a complex Global Header with buttons, etc.  For more information see the announcement about this feature that was added in May 2006.

Other: With these options, you will be able to customize your pages, such as adding copyright information, and changing the color of your text and links. As a general rule for colors it it is best to use the color code for the color that you want rather than the color name.

Copyright Owner: Information that is entered in this section will appear at the bottom of the page in the copyright section. It will display "© Copyright 2004 (your text here). All Rights Reserved." It is best to enter your company name here.

Link Color: Choose the color that you would like your hypertext links to have.** You can enter in the color code or use the EZ-Color Picker to select your color.

Visited Link Color: This will set the color of a hypertext link that has already been visited.**

Active Link Color: This will set the color of a hypertext link when the link is selected.**

Text Color: This is where you select the color of the text for all pages in your site.** Note: When you add a text block, you will need to specify the color for the text in that text block to match that of your pages.

**If your customers have customized their browser settings to show a particular font and certain colors, they will not see your changes when they view their page.

Display Information: This section allows you to edit your web pages display information. You can use it to display certain company information and the layout of your web pages.

Radio Buttons: This option allows you to customize what information is displayed at the bottom of your web pages. They will be displayed under the text "For More Information". You can change this information in your Edit Member Profile under the Administrative Tools. Your information will only be displayed if you select the 'On' radio button next to the label of information that you want to change. This includes your company's Name, Address, E-mail, Phone Number, Toll Free Phone Number, and Fax Number.

Table Width: This designates the width of your web pages built in the EZ-PageBuilder™. This width is measured in pixels. The sidebars and body of your pages are all made to fit inside the parameters of the width that you enter in this field. The default width is set to 600 pixels (roughly 70 pixels equals an inch). Because your customers will be viewing your pages from different computers with different screen settings, we recommend you keep the default width. Settings of this size are more likely to be viewable from all monitors of customers that may visit your site. The lowest screen resolution is normally 640 x 480 pixels. Therefore, table sizes over 600 may be too big for some people to see them.

Table Offset: Allows you to offset the body of your page to the right. Again, this is measured in pixels.

Once you are finished setting your preferences in Edit Global Information, you must click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. This will save you settings and will regenerate all of your EZ-PageBuilder™ and system pages to match the changes you have just made. If you would like to exit Edit Global Preferences without saving changes, click the 'Return' button.


 Edit Global Info