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You can now download the list of your subscribers in your EZ-MailList to be inserted into an address book, spreadsheet, or text document on your hard drive. This option allows you to organize you subscribers on your hard drive, or will allow you to insert them in an address book so you can send them your messages from your local computer.

Export to your computer: Your file will be exported to your computer as the file name "subscriber.doc". This file type is mainly used as a Word document, but since it is a text document, you can change the file type to what ever you like. This will be further discussed under the 'Download File' pages instructions.

Delimiter: This will tell your address book or spreadsheet you download to how your Maillist entries will be separated. Most programs use comma separated values as the delimiter. We have placed the double ampersand (&&) as default for a reason. Some of your subscribers' names may have commas in them ("Frank Jones" may be entered in as "Jones, Frank"). If this is the case, leave your delimiter as &&. If not, change your delimiter to a comma or another delimiter that you wish to use.

Text Qualifier: Some spreadsheet programs save information with a text qualifier, usually double quotes (" "). If your spreadsheet does contain these, type in the character it uses next to Text Qualifier.

First row to contain field names: Select 'Yes' if you would like to include the field names as column headings in your spreadsheet. Select 'No' if you would not. Note: Some address books will require a first line of data to assign each entry to the appropriate field, and then it will not add that first line to your address book. This can be a problem if the first line is an e-mail address. It will use it to assign each field, but will then delete that address.

Download File: By clicking on 'Download File' the file will be downloaded to your hard drive where you can import it into your address book or spreadsheet. If you have trouble downloading the file, or if the file is opened in your browser, right click on the 'Download File' button and save the file to your hard drive. (Note: If you are a Mac user, you can only use Netscape Navigator to use this function.) Right click on the download button and select "Save the Link As…" and edit the file name to "subscriber" and save the file. You must delete the ".doc" extension for your export to work.

For those with commas in their fields, you should have already set your delimiter as && or some other characters for your export file. Now, open your document in Wordpad or another text application. First, use your Find and Replace function to search for all commas and replace them with other characters (we suggest &#). Now, use the Find and Replace feature again to find all double ampersands (&&) and replace those with commas. Save the file with its recent changes. Now, you can upload the document into your spreadsheet and replace the &# for commas.


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