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This feature allows you to upload a list of contacts to your EZ-MailList from any delimited file. This can include an address book, spreadsheet, or text document.

Import to EZ-MailList: Your file will need to be a delimited file in order to import it into the EZ-MailList. When using a spreadsheet, save your file as a comma delimited file, or .csv format. When exporting a list from your address book, be sure to save it as a text file with comma separated values. Once your file is ready, you can continue on with the import process. Note: When importing a date, it must be all numeric in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

File to import: Click on 'Browse…' to search for the file on your computer that you will be importing.

Delimiter: This will tell the EZ-MailList how your files entries will be separated. Most spreadsheet and address book programs use comma separated values as the delimiter. We have placed the double ampersand (&&) as default for a reason. Some of your subscribers' names may have commas in them ("Frank Jones" may be entered in as "Jones, Frank"). If this is the case, leave your delimiter as &&. If not, change you delimiter to a comma or other delimiter that you are using.

Text qualifier: Some spreadsheet programs save information with a text qualifier, usually double quotes (" "). If your spreadsheet does contain these, type in the character it uses next to Text Qualifier.

First row contains field name: If your file includes the category titles (Name, Email address, etc.) in the first line of text, select 'Yes'.

Type of insert: You have three different import options.
a) Append, when selected, adds your imported file to your list without overwriting any previous entries that are already stored in your MailList. If any of the email addresses are duplicates, they will not be imported.
b) Replace, will upload any file without overwriting any previous entries already stored in your MailList. However, unlike the "Append" option, if any of the email addresses are duplicates, they will be imported and replace the previous contact. You can use this option to change the name or date of the contacts you are uploading.
c) Erase, will delete all subscribers that are included in your MailList and import only the selected file. If desired, you can also use this feature to completely erase the entries in your MailList. To do this, leave your 'File to import' field blank and click 'Submit' on the subsequent menu.

If you have commas in your file that you want imported into your EZ-MailList, follow these instructions. First, in your spreadsheet, replace all the commas in your document with other highly un-used characters (we suggest &#). Save the file as a comma delimited file and exit your spreadsheet. Now, use Wordpad or another text application and open the recently saved file within it. Use the Find and Replace function to replace all of the commas with double ampersands (&&). Once it is finished doing that, use the Replace feature again, this time replacing &# for commas. Save the file again, and continue with the import process. This time use the double ampersands (&&) or your own character as the delimiter.


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