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EZ-Mailing List
The EZ-MailList allows your customers to sign-up to your mailing list. You can use it to send weekly or monthly newsletters, catalogs, or company information out to those who subscribe. With the recent enhancements to the EZ-MailList, you can now add different interests so your customers can specify which mail list they'd like to subscribe to. Also, your mail list will no longer duplicate email addresses that have been submitted more than once.

For your customers to subscribe to your mail list, you will need to add a 'Mailing List' Block in the EZ-PageBuilder™.

To access the EZ-MailList, select 'EZ-Mailing List' from your Construction Tools. You will be brought to the EZ-Mailing list menu displayed in a flowchart format. You can choose from the following options:

Configure: This option allows you to configure the confirmation page that your customers will be sent to after they submit their information in the EZ-MailList.

Interests: This feature allows you to create or edit interests that your customers can subscribe to. A newsletter, monthly catalog, departmental letter, updates and enhancements are some possible interests you can use.

Subscribers: This is a list of your subscribers, their e-mail address, and the date they first signed up to be on the mail list.

Send E-mail: Use this option to Send Email to your subscribers with particular interests or to everyone in your mailing list.

Export: Here, you can export the list of your subscribers to your personal computer. You can then use this file to add to your address book or can simply open it in a spreadsheet.

Import: This feature allows you to import an address book or list of subscribers and their email addresses to the EZ-MailList.

Return to Tools Menu: This button will return you to the Construction Tools tab in the Member Tools screen.

Ez Mailing List (Last Email Log): Basically this allows you to see which emails went through and those that were sent back due to an invalid email address or such. Thus allowing you to then be able to edit your subscribers accordingly, removing those with false addresses or ones that did not work.


EZ-Mailing List 
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