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By adding different interests, you can give your customers different options of what type of mail list they can subscribe to. A newsletter, monthly catalog, departmental letter, updates and enhancements are some possible interests you can use. You are given the following options.

Show Linked: By selecting an interest and clicking on 'Show Linked', it will show the name and e-mail address of the subscribers who are linked to that interest.

Add: Type in the description for your particular interest.

Edit: Edit the name of your selected interest.

Delete: Delete the selected interest.

Return: Return to the Main EZ-MailList Menu.

Search: Enter a search string to search for a particular interest.

Click the 'Add' button to add a new interest. In the description field, type in the title of the interest you would like to add. Continue adding interests until you are finished. Click on 'Return' to go to the EZ-MailList Menu.

Once you have created an EZ-MailList block on any of your pages, you are ready to receive subscribers. When you are ready to send a message to these subscribers, go back into the EZ-MailList. First, we should view your subscribers to see how many we're sending to. Select 'Subscribers' from the menu to view your mail list (If you want to view the subscribers to a particular interest only, select 'Interests'. Select the interest you want to view and click 'Show Linked').


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