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This is a list of your subscribers, their e-mail address, and the date they first signed up to be on the MailList.* One important enhancement to the EZ-MailList is that it no longer duplicates previously entered e-mail addresses.

Add: Add a new Subscriber into your maillist manually. Both the name and the e-mail address are required fields. You can also add multiple interests right away by clicking 'Edit' then designating which interest you would like this subscriber to have. Click 'Submit' to save changes and return to your list of Subscribers.

Edit: Edit name, e-mail address, or interests about the selected subscriber.

Delete: Deletes a subscriber.

Return: Return to the Main EZ-MailList Menu.

Search: Enter a search string to search for a particular Subscribers name.**

Name: Click on 'Name' to sort your subscribers by their name.

Email Address: Click on 'Email Address' to sort your subscribers by their e-mail address.

Signup Date: Click on 'Signup Date' to sort your subscribers by the date that they first signed up.

*The 'Signup Date' function will only display the date your subscribers first signed up. If they subscribe to the Maillist again, it will not display the latest date they subscribed. It will however, add any new interests and send both them and you an e-mail stating that they have been added to your maillist.

**Hint: You can still search for a particular e-mail address by using your browsers search function. For Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, use Ctrl + F. You will need to do this on every page because it only searches the current page.

When you are finished viewing or editing your subscribers, click 'Return' to return to the EZ-MailList Menu. Click on Send E-mail to send a message to your subscribers.


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