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Welcome to EZ-Pagebuilder

You will notice upon opening the EZ-PageBuilder there is a welcome window. This is to allow you to choose whether you want to start a new page or to edit a page that you have created previously.

If you wish to work on a page that you have created previously, you can either select the "Work on Home Page" radio button (to open your index page), the "Open an Existing Page" radio button (to open a page different from the index page), or select the radio button adjacent to the name of the page you want to work on in the right column and click the continue button. If you have selected the "Open an Existing Page" option an EZ-Browse window will open up and you should find the existing page you wish to open, select it by clicking on it and then click the open button to bring up the page you wish to edit. Otherwise the page should just open and you may begin editing it.

However, if you have selected "New Page (blank)" then the EZ-PageBuilder will open a new, blank page. Click on "Add" in the top right corner to add the first block. After you have finished adding the first block you may then either continue by adding, removing, or editing blocks to create your web page.

If you have selected "New Page (from template)" then EZ-PageBuilder will open a new window asking you to select a template.

Using Templates
If you have decided to create a new page from a template and have reached the "New Page From Template" new window then you are ready to begin creating a new, template based page. If you have not reached this new window, you need to go back to the welcome window and create a "New Page (from template)".

Templates are pre-designed web pages that you can modify and put into your web site. For convenience some of these pages have already been built and you can select the one that most closely matches your needs. You may also use other web pages that you have created as templates. This will make copies of them that you may modify into a new page.

The pre-designed web pages are divided into different categories. After you select a category, small thumbnails of each template in the category are displayed. To select a template click on the radio button next to the desired template and click continue to open the template.

The other option is to use one of your own pages as a template. In order to do this you need to type in the space labeled "EZ-PageBuilder File" the name of the page that you want your new page to be based on, or click on the EZ-Browse button next to the field, select the page you want in the EZ-Browse window and click Open. After you have entered the page you should click continue to open that page as a template.

Once you have opened a template you may edit the page by adding and deleting blocks just as you would to any other page. After you have finished designing the page you can save it just as you do any other page. It will not change the page used as a template.

Finally if you wish to learn more about how to use EZ-PageBuilder select the Tutorial radio button. This will open a new blank page and a new window. The new window will contain an online tutorial that will give a brief description of how to create pages using the EZ-PageBuilder software.

File Menu

There have also been some changes to the file menu. You may notice that the file menu now contains a list of the pages that you have recently edited. Any time that you want to edit one of those pages all you need to do is go to the File menu and select the page you want. The File menu has also had the "New from template" option added. This will allow you to begin creating a new page based on a template as described in the "Using Templates" section above. The last improvement is the addition of the tutorial feature in the new file menu. You may select this at any time to have the EZ-PageBuilder tutorial open in a new window.

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