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If you've ever found the need to edit a text file on your website, you know how much of a pain it is to find the file, view it, save it, edit it, and then upload it. Not only is this process very time consuming, it also leaves room for a lot of mistakes, and one simple mistake makes for a very large headache.

Those days are over. Now you can edit your text files from right in your construction tools. For advanced users, EZ-TextEditor is a great way to work on external JavaScript, CSS, and XML documents.
Basic Usage
To start using EZ-TextEditor, login to your member tools and then click on the Construction Tools tab. You'll see the link to start EZ-TextEditor in the bottom-right corner of the page.
In the top-left corner of EZ-TextEditor interface is a simple tool bar.

To create a new file, click the New Document icon:

To open an existing file, click the Open icon:

To save your file, click the Save icon:

To save the changes you have made as a new file with a different filename, use the Save As icon: .

If at any time you need help with the EZ-TextEditor, click on the Help icon:
Access from EZ-FileManager
You can also access EZ-TextEditor from within EZ-FileManager. This is particularly useful if you would like to work on multiple text files in one sitting.

In EZ-FileManager, you'll see a list of all your files. To the right of each text file is an edit icon: . Click on this icon to open that file in EZ-TextEditor.

Backup Feature
To protect you from losing your data due to computer crashes and power outages, EZ-TextEditor has an automatic backup feature included in it. While you're working on your file, a backup will be saved periodically. Then if your computer crashes, you can come back and recover the changes that you had made. EZ-TextEditor will backup your current changes every 10 minutes, so you will never lose more than 10 minutes worth of work on your website.
Exiting Properly
Like EZ-PageBuilder, you need to exit properly when you're done working on your file. In EZ-TextEditor, this is done by clicking on the button.

Exiting Properly ensures that your document is saved properly before you exit EZ-TextEditor. If you don't exit properly, you run the risk of losing some or all of your work.