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Other is a collection of stock buttons, colors, bullets, and backgrounds available on the EZ-Net Tools™ system.

To get to Other

  1. Click on the Construction Tools tab
  2. Select “Other”. The other page will now open with several buttons.

To use any of the graphics in this other feature you will need to download these graphics. Since these cannot be downloaded using the file manager or EZ-Browse you will need to save these graphics directly from the pages they are located on. To save a graphic directly off the page:

  1. Right click on the graphic you would like to download.
  2. A small pop-up window will open. Click on “Save Picture As”
  3. If you are using Netscape this option will be “Save Image As” instead.
  4. A Save picture window will open.
  5. Select where you would like to save your page and give it a file name
  6. Click Save.

The graphic is now downloaded to your computer. You can now use EZ-File Manager or EZ-Browse to upload these graphics to your account so they can be used on your site.

View Color Table

This button will open the color table page, which shows a listing of web safe colors with their RGB code equivalents. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. Each code tells the system how much of each color to use. The RGB code can be used in place of a color anywhere where colors are used in the system. Make sure that the # sign precedes every code when you enter these codes in. You can also type in the color name exactly the way you see it in the color table instead of using the RGB codes.

To exit the color table hit the back button on your browser.

View Buttons

Clicking on this button will open the buttons menu. The menu is divided into 3 portions:

The first is on the left and contains samples of 3 button types.

Marble – Click this button to view the blank marble buttons
Texture – Click this button to view the blank texture buttons
Solid – Click this button to view the blank solid color buttons.

The second section on the right contains links to lists of buttons with text already on them. Home, Back, Email, Secure Order, Order Now, Click Here, and blank. Click on these links to view buttons with these text lines already placed on them. The blank link is a list of all of the blank graphics. Including marble, textures and solid.

The third section contains text links to each of the blank button types, marble, textured and solid colors. The misc. link displays of a list of other available buttons such as Question marks, ordering and others.

Note: While browsing any of the above menus you can click on any type of button you see to get every version of that button available. For instance if you click on a marble button a new page will open showing that marble button with all the different text options such as home, back, order now and also as a blank button.

To exit this menu click on your browser’s back button until you return to the Other menu again.

View Special Graphics

This button opens the list of graphics that are specific for the Holidays of the year. These can also be accessed by using the EZ-Browse. While in EZ-Browse:

  1. In the “Look In” drop down menu select /stock/buttons/specials
  2. The specials graphics will show in the display window

View Bullets

Displays a list of the stock bullets we provide for your use. These can also be accessed by using the EZ-Browse. While in EZ-Browse:

  1. In the “Look In” drop down menu select /stock/bullets
  2. The bullets will show in the display window

View Backgrounds

Displays a list of the stock backgrounds available for your Web site. These can be found in EZ-Browse by:

  1. Clicking on the “Look In” drop down menu and select /stock/buttons/backgrounds
  2. The Background filenames should then be displayed in the main window.

Main Menu

Returns to the Member Tools Menu.