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Submit to Free Search Engines
This page is part of the search engine management tools. Only the search engines that offer free listings are included. This tool will not actually submit your site to the search engine. Rather it will help you keep track of when you have submitted the page and to which search engine.
Page URL. Just under the heading of the page is the URL of the page you are documenting.
Search Engine. This column list the search engines that are offering free listings. Search engines come and go. They merge. It is hard to keep current. So, when you click on one you may find the name has changed.
Visit. Clicking on this link will actually take you to the search engine main page. This is the page that most people use to begin their search.
Submit. Clicking on this link will take you to the page where you indicate to the search engine that you would like your web site analyzed.
Submit Date. This is the date you have recorded for having submitted the page to the search engine. This date is updated when you click the “Update Date” button.
Update Date. Clicking on this button will record the current date in the “Submit Date” column.
Return. Clicking on this button will return you to the “Free Search Engine Tools” page that has the listing of all pages you are tracking.