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Free Search Engine Tools
The Free Search Engine Tools pages allow you to keep track of when you last submitted your web site for consideration to the search engines that do not charge for their services. This tool does not submit your web site for you, it only provides links to these search engines and helps you keep track of dates of submission.
Note: Using free search engines is only one of several ways to promote your site. Depending on your situation you may also want to consider three classes of other search engine; 1) Paid inclusions, 2) Pay Per Click, and ,3) paid directory listings. Refer to the links below for more information about these mediums.
The table on this page has three columns which are explained below.
Page Name. This is the name of the page, including the folder it is in, that you have submitted to the search engine. While you will usually just submit your home page (which has a file name of index.html.) Most search engines will analyze all pages within your site automatically. Regardless, you can submit as many pages as you wish. If you have distinct subsections of your web site, this could be a very good idea.
Latest Submission Date. When you have recorded the dates you submitted your pages to search engines, that date is records hear.
Submit this page. When you click on this link you will be taken to another page listing the free search engines. Click on the link below to learn more about this page. Once you have recorded the dates submitted to these search engines, the date will be reflect on this page.
Click here to view help text on the Submit to Free Search Engine page
Remove. Click on this link will remove the associated page from this list.
Add a Page. Clicking on this button will take you to another page where you can select a page using EZ-Browse and add it to this list.
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