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System Features and Capabilities

What did you receive with your EZ-Net Tools account?

Web Site Creation Software Tools
  1. EZ-PageBuilder tool, which allows you to create “free form” pages that are live on the Web the instant they are saved.
  2. Free Customer Support, to contact customer support click on Customer Support.
  3. Use EZ-BulletinBoard to add a bulletin board to your site where your customers can discuss their interests.
  4. Gather, manage and send to mailing lists using the EZ-MailList feature.
  5. Business, medical, and professional directories can be added to your site using the EZ-Directory tool.
  6. EZ-Calendar is a quick and easy tool to create a calendar of events, which can be added to your site.
  7. Online Database provided by EZ-Catalog to display items for sale and allow you to provide shopping cart and order form features.
  8. Control how your transactions are done with EZ-Order. Choose your credit cards, shipping rates, and change the display of your ordering pages.
  9. EZ-FindDealer/Location is a search tool that can be added to a Web site that allows customers to search for a business or organization by the state they are located in.
  10. Choose graphics from a library of buttons, backgrounds, bullets, seasonal graphics and more.
  11. A site search tool to perform quick searching on each account’s Web site.
Web Site Management Software Tools
  1. Monitor the traffic on your Web site with the View Counters tool. Track the number of visits to each page either day-by-day or month-by-month.
  2. Setup, and manager your email accounts using the Setup Email Accounts tool. You can also check and send e-mail with the EZ-OnlineMail application.
  3. Instructions to help you obtain a Domain Name as well as a search tool that searches the Internet for the availability of the Domain Name of your choice.
  4. View or download your orders and order statistics.
  5. Backup your Web site and catalog using our Backup Files feature.
Promote your Web site.
  1. Use the EZ-LinkTrader to manage and send link trades to the owners of other Web sites. A link trade is an agreement with the owner of another Web site to place your link on their site and for you to place their link on your site.
  2. Submit to Search Engines will help you keep track of what search engines you have submitted your Web site too as well as provide links to the top 11 search engines.
Other Resources
  1. An online magazine that contains hints and tips to successful Web site building. See EZ-NetAdvantage.
  2. EZ-NetTools™ help Web site where you can find answers to your questions about the EZ-NetTools.
  3. A Quick Start Guide to help you get started building your first Web page.
  4. Model Web Sites. This is a collection of professionally created Web sites that can be downloaded to your account. Change and alter these sites anyway you wish to make our model sites yours. To preview our model sites click on Model Sites.
  5. Training – Take advantage of our free training resources http://www.eznetu.com.
E-Commerce Features Include
  1. Secure “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technology
  2. 3-Way Encryption
  3. Automatic Transactions
  4. Order Retrieval features
  5. Connection to your Merchant Account
Hosting Includes #000000
  1. 350 MB of Web space
  2. Up to 200 e-mail accounts with 10 MB of Web space each. E-mail accounts can
  3. Saving pages directly to the Web.
  4. Upload graphics, sound files, html pages and more using the EZ-FileManager file transfer feature. For information on why we chose not to use FTP please click Why Not FTP?
Server Support
  1. Uptime above 99.9%
  2. Reliably anchored by cluster technology
  3. Protected against power outages with battery back-ups and a power generator on stand by for long outages.
  4. Our “Watch-Dog” program monitors the system for problems and immediately contacts the systems administrators to prevent or minimize server downtime.
  5. EZ-Net Tools system connected to the Internet through OC24 (fiber optic) technology
  6. Data on a RAID data system with daily backup.
  7. Use of multiple servers to handle heavy traffic; as needed more servers can be quickly added to increase the capacity of the system to handle larger loads of traffic.

 System Features